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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off late Monday at Team Nick Jr's station with Boots Leah and A.J helping their new recruit Nella an 8 year old black girl get settled)
Leah: Welcome to the squad Nella.
Boots: Princess Nella of Castle Haven right?
Nella: Yep.
Boots: Welcome to our squad in the ISP.
Nella: It's a pleasure to be part of the team.
Boots: So help yourself to anything in the stash and your suit is in the airlock if you want to go outside for awhile to get your first glimpse of space.
Nella: Thanks Boots.
Boots: You're welcome Princess.
(The princess looks around a little bit while getting used to the low gravity)
Nella: Don't you have like a way to stop floating?
Boots: We usually keep the anti-gravity mode off but now and then we just like to float around.
Nella: Oh. I see.
Boots: And as I just say feel free to go out for a spacewalk.
Nella: Can you come with me just so I don't you know...
(She gently blushes as the monkey nods knowing what she's trying to do)
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off early Monday evening with Dora and Isa spending time together at their space station with the sisters spending most of the day keeping up with their schoolwork)
Isa: It sure is nice to have a little bonding time together Dora.
Dora: Si Isabella. I maybe busy with my schoolwork but I can still be with my little sister.
Isa: Maybe later this week we can do a spacewalk together.
Dora: That sounds like a great idea Isa. In addition we can work together and improve on our teamwork.
Isa: Si Dora.
(She has a sip of water as Dora heads to the lab to check on a few things with Isa following her)
Dora: Just going to do some work in here for a little while.
Isa: Can I help?
Dora: Of course Isa.
(The girls put on a set of coats and a pair of goggles over their eyes then get started on their studies. Down on Earth in Playa Verde Guillermo is seen a little lonely and bored as it's going on night in the city)
Guillermo: (Sighs)
Mami: Don't worry hijo yo
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme Season 4 begins on January 9th with Irina Charlotte and I in the conference room for a briefing on the upcoming stay at the space station)
RSA President: Just want to say to the girls you're doing a fine job on your training.
Girls: Thank you.
ESA President: We've schedule for launch 3 weeks at this time. Steve and Charlotte following the race we'll put you under a 24 hour quarintine period as per regulations in pre-launch procedures.
Charlotte and I: Yes sir.
NASA President: You three just take it easy for the afternoon and sometime this week do a practice spacewalk together.
All three: Yes sir.
(They sign off as the three of us look at one another)
Irina: Three weeks guys. I just want to say that I am nervous but couldn't ask for two fellow crew members helping me.
Me: We're with you girl.
Charlotte: Ja.
Irina: Thanks guys. Lets go and do some flips on the axis.
Me: Sure.
Charlotte: Good idea.
(We head off to get a few runs on the axis in. 2 days later we're
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off early Monday night in Germany where Charlotte and Irina begun their training for the upcoming stay spent the afternoon doing some briefing of the station itself then doing a few test runs on the flight simulators)
Trainer: Not a bad first day ladies. Just gotta do some work on maneuvering and landing a little bit. Tomorrow we'll get you girls in the pool for your first diving exercise.
Irinia: Um...
Trainer: Don't worry Irina you'll be fine.
Charlotte: Plus it'll be fun.
Irina: It's not that. I'm not really a strong swimmer.
Charlotte: I'll be with you the whole time.
Trainer: Plus we'll get a group of divers to supervise you girls. So tomorrow morning just do a light workout along with your schoolwork then we'll meet at 1500 hours.
Girls: Yes sir.
(They retreat for the night. The next afternoon the girls are in the pool underwater while donning diving gear)
Irina: I feel weightless Charlotte.
Charlotte: Me too.
(They look at one another
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode begins in Playa Verde Monday morning as the first day of classes are underway with the twins and their friends in class as Mr. Molina enters the room)
Senor Molina: Buenos dias classe.
Class: Hola Senor Molina.
Sr. Molina: I hope you all had an excellent summer vacation and ready to begin Grade 4 here at Playa Verde Elementary. Let's begin the new year with our first writing assignment.
(Class groans)
Sr. Molina: (Chuckles) Kind of expected that. Not to worry it's a simple assignment.
(He writes down the theme for their assignment on the white board)
Sr. Molina: "What I Did During My Summer Vacation." I would like at least 5 to 7 sentences and no less than 2 paragraphs.
Guillermo: (Whispers to Isa) I feel like he's starting to be like Ratburn.
(Isa nods)
Sr. Molina: I heard that Marquez.
Guillermo: Sorry sir.
Sr. Molina: All right so get your pencils out and paper then get writing.
(The class gets started on their papers. At the high school Dora and
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode begins Tuesday night with Trent feeding Preston his dinner)
Trent: Come on Preston. Please eat.
Preston: No.
Trent: It's good for you.
Preston: No.
Trent: Lookie kiddo.
(He pretends to eat his son's dinner only for the fussy infant to blow a raspberry)
Trent: I got it.
(He makes a motorcycle sound as the infant laughs with the father putting the spoon into his son's mouth)
Trent: Attaboy! Here comes another one who wants to get through the tunnel.
(He does the trick until his son's plate is nothing)
Trent: That's my boy.
Preston: Daddy.
Trent: Yes Preston?
Preston: I want Mommy.
Trent: She'll be home later. How about we watch a movie before your bath?
(The infant nods vigorously as Trent picks his son up and head to the living room and puts on Big Hero 6 for him)
Preston: Hairy baby! Hairy baby!
Trent: You really like that part don't you?
Preston: Hairy baby!
(Trent gives his son his bottle with juice and he sips on it as they both enjoy the movie.
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off late Tuesday in Toronto as Courtney and Rosa are at the dentist office for Rosa's first ever appointment with Courtney having her 6 month visit and the little girl is nervous)
Rosa: Don't want teeth pulled out.
Courtney: Aw honey. It's okay.
(She comforts her daughter by gently placing her over her lap)
Courtney: It's not gonna hurt sweetie and the dentist is very nice to me when I get my teeth cleaned.
Receptionist: Rosa, the dentist is ready for you.
Rosa: Can't you come?
Courtney: I'm getting my teeth cleaned too honey. But don't worry I'll be waiting for you.
(She puts her daughter down then the receptionist takes her to her exam room as the dentist waits for her who is in his late 40s)
Dentist: I was wondering when I've be seeing you Rosa. I'm Dr. Stafford and your Mommy told me a lot about you.
Rosa: Hello.
(The cleaner comes with a mask over her face)
Cleaner: Hi Rosa I'm Ashley I'll be your cleaner.
Rosa: Hi.
Dentist: The first th
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode begins Tuesday night with Rosa and Courtney at the store getting some groceries as the little girl look at a small Elsa doll)
Rosa: May I please get Elsa Mommy?
Courtney: Not tonight sweetheart.
Rosa: (Sadly) Okay.
Courtney: I'm not saying no for the doll. Just not right now. Maybe when it gets closer to Christmas.
Rosa: That's ages.
Courtney: (Chuckles) Still sometimes waiting can pay off.
Rosa: It's hard.
Courtney: It'll come soon enough honey.
(She gently poke her daughter's nose then continues to stroll the cart as the 2 year old looks at her mom)
Rosa: Are you done?
Courtney: Almost done sweetie.
(She picks up a few packs of water and a can of
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ISP: The Series
(After the openin theme the episode starts off Monday night at the Moon base as Charlotte is meeting with Elsa and Elena a 16 year old Latina teen who just recently been crowned princess of Avalor as the 2 girls are in talk regarding their new alliance with the ISP)
Charlotte: Since you 2 are busy ruling your kingdoms you don't need to do any missions of sorts but I would like your astronomers to provide us information now and then. In addition you're more than welcome to practice doing walks and spending time with the younger ones.
Elena: That's sounds like an excellent plan.
Elsa: I pass on the resolution. I'm sure Anna will be happy to see the young kids. And here's my papers regarding our trade.
Elena: Same with me chica.
(They give the Belgian dwarf the papers regarding their trade route agreements)
Charlotte: I'll get these signed by tomorrow.
(The 2 rulers smile at one another)
Charlotte: Elena were you really been inside the amulet for 41 years?
Elena: Si Charlotte. Let me
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode begins Monday evening in Houston with Eliza and Chelsea getting settled for the night with their instructor and trainer a pale woman donning a blue jumpsuit in her mid 40s tucking them in)
Instructor: So what did you girls like today?
Eliza: The pilot simulator was cool but I like the rocket models.
Chelsea: I liked the pilot simulator as well.
Instructor: Well I think you're gonna like what tomorrow's exercise will be. I would suggest you 2 bring your swimsuits.
Eliza: For what?
Instructor: You'll see. Now get some sleep and I'll be seeing you at 0900 hours tomorrow?
Eliza: Huh?
Instructor: That's 9:00 in the morning Eliza.
Eliza: Oh.
(She leaves the room as the 2 girls slowly fall asleep. The next morning the 2 girls are at the pool with their swimsuits on as their instructor has a one piece swimsuit on getting the scuba gear ready for the 3 of them)
Instructor: Morning you 2.
Chelsea: Good morning Sally.
Eliza: Morning ma'am.
Sally: So the reason
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off Tuesday afternoon with Ricardo Irina and Taylor awaiting their assignment with Charlotte entering the room)
Charlotte: All right guys here's your briefing. Someone's been throwing trash outside the base. I want you guys to go and do some cleaning up and investigate who's behind it. Any questions?
(Irina raises her hand)
Charlotte: Yes Irina?
Irina: Just one Char. Does plastic surgery gets covered by our insurance plan?
Charlotte: I don't know what you're talking about girl. Anyway suit up and get busy.
All 3: Yes ma'am.
(Outside Irina and Taylor are cleaning up the trash with Ricardo having trouble due to him being blind)
Ricardo: Um girls. Little help.
(He bumps into Irina and he falls down on his butt)
Irina: I got you Ricardo.
(She picks up the Portuguese teen)
Ricardo: Thanks Irina.
Irina: Anytime.
(In her first person view they blush at each other with Ricardo donning a green suit with a bit of red on the sides to assemble the Portug
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode begins Monday evening at my space station with Yukari introducing herself to Karen)
Me: Say hi Karen.
Karen: (Shyly) Hi Ms. Morita.
(She gently hides behind me as Yukari smiles at the 7 year old)
Yukari: Just call me Yukari Karen.
Karen: Okay Yukari.
(She comes to Yukari then gives her a gentle handshake as I take a picture of them doing so)
Me: Perfect Karen.
(Yukari's stomache rumbles)
Me: Just help yourself to the statch Yukari.
Yukari: Thanks Steve.
(She heads to the kitchen to get something to eat as Karen has some water)
Me: Tomorrow you'll be doing the spacewalk with her and she'll teach you some new things.
Karen: But I rather be with you. Not with her.
Me: I know Karen. But Yukari is a very nice lady and she is the Commander of Solomon's program. Plus I'll be watching you the whole time.
Karen: In here right?
Me: Hmm-hmm. In addition you can tell her some stuff you've done with me on our previous walks together.
Karen: Okay.
Me: Good girl.
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off Tuesday morning at the ISS as Wally is having breakfast with the crew as he made it to the station the previous day and took it easy)
Scott: So Wally.
Wally: Yes sir...
Scott: Please call me Commander Kelly or just simply Scott.
Wally: Yes Scott.
Scott: I thought today we show you some experiments we're doing here. Also on Friday I'll join you on a spacewalk.
Wally: Okay.
(He finishes eating then he and Scott head to the lab to look at the experiments. Down on Earth in Edison I am talking to Yukari on Skype while playing Street Fighter 5 on my PS4 that I got a few weeks ago at my local game store)
Yukari: So the plan is to have me with Karen next week on a spacewalk and you'll be inside supervising right?
Me: Right. Houston sent me the E-Mail about the plans yesterday and thought I might give it to you.
Yukari: Thanks. See you Monday.
Me: You're too.
(We sign off as I just got my butt kicked playing as R. Mika as I sigh frustratingly then
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode begins Tuesday morning at the Moon Base as Adil and Charlotte are in the conference room talking plans regarding the Istanbul airport attack that occurred the previous week)
Charlotte: I was thinking it was the Kurdish rebel group I've been hearing about lately but not ISIS again. 
Adil: Me too Char. ISIS' threat gets bigger everyday despite them losing territory in Iraq and parts of Syria.
Charlotte: Not to mention the persecution of the minority group and using many innocent women and children as slaves against their will. Especially with the attacks coming during Ramadan.
Adil: Yeah. 
Charlotte: Want some juice?
Adil: Not now. Gotta wait till sunset.
Charlotte: Right but I thought it ends tonight.
Adil: Depends on the Moon itself.
Charlotte: Sorry I'm you know not Muslum myself.
Adil: I know Char. I gotta go. Gotta get ready for the feast
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off early Monday evening as Rosa and Courtney are having dinner)
Courtney: Do you know what Friday is honey?
Rosa: No.
Courtney: Well it's involving Canada itself.
Rosa: Ms. Bishop told us something about indypendiance.
Courtney: You mean independence honey.
Rosa: Yes. That word.
Courtney: Well on Friday it's Canada Day. And I thought we go to the beach together with Bridgette and Wallace.
Rosa: Really?
Courtney: Hmm-hmm.
Rosa: Can we swim in the water?
Courtney: Of course and we'll even walk on the boardwalk and play some games.
Rosa: Yay!
Courtney: I knew you like the idea. Now why don't you finish your dinner.
Rosa: Okay Mommy.
(She finishes her dinner which was some mash potatoes with gravy and applesauce then play with her toys for a little bit before using the bathroom and getting ready for bed. The next day at Courtney's office when she's not working on a case as the trial ended with a plea deal from the accused to take a manslaughter
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ISP: The Series
(After the opening theme the episode starts off with Dora and the twins at their space station early Monday evening just finishing up dinner)
Guillermo: Wanna watch TV Dora?
Dora: Sure but let's get the dishes washed first.
Isabella M: What about calling Mami y Papi?
Dora: Oh right we promised that we call them when we got here. We'll do that once we're done with the dishes.
Twins: Okay.
(They head to the sink to clean their plates. Meanwhile Karen is in her rocket enjoying herself as she just had dinner herself and is in her PJs for the night)
Karen: It's really neat to see Earth Mission Control.
Sully: It sure is Karen. Plus you're gonna get to have a good view of it tomorrow when you go outside.
Karen: For my spacewalk right?
Sully: Hmm-hmm. 
Karen: I hope nothing bad happens cause I'm a little nervous.
Sully: I'll be watching you the whole time so don't you worry about a thing. So why don't you get some rest?
Karen: Yes sir.
(She gets into bed as the lights in the rocket goes
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